Incoming: Arma 3 Tanks DLC – Developer Diary

The Tank DLC for Arma 3 is due out on the 11th of April (12th I guess for AUS/NZ) and to show off the new features and content there is a brand new Developer Diary including the following showcases:

DLC Content

  • Brand New Armoured Vehicles – the T-140 Angara MBT, AWC Nyx AWC, Rhino MGS AFV!
  • New “Altis Requiem” Mini-Campaign and Tank Destroyer Showcase

Free Platform Updates

  • Enhanced Armored Vehicle Experience – InteriorsImproved HandlingExtended Damage ModelUpgraded Audio
  • Upgraded Fire-Control System as well as new Missile Flight Profiles & Capabilities
  • “Vanguard” Team-vs-Team Multiplayer Mode
  • 2 Anti-Tank Launchers
  • Additional Anti-Tank Vehicle Variants for existing Vanilla and Apex vehicles
  • New Decorative Objects including Repair Station!

Pretty big new feature set that will definitely impact your Arma 3 gameplay experience, pick it up on Steam!

NOTE: Dev Branch is updated with Tank DLC preview.


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  1. Looks cool, may have a get together to try out the new DLC.

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