Nem Reviews: Subnautica

This is one of those games which for me elicit the response that necessitates the need for adult diapers.  Subnautica through immersive sound, atmospheric underwater graphics and being dumped into an alien ocean with unknown wonders certainly sets the stage for a game that really grabs hold of you and pulls you in.

The game is a single player survival game (yes I know yet another one) that places you on an alien planet with little more than a Swiss Army Knife of a 3D printer.  Except the planet has no continents and leaves you no choice but to get your feet wet.  Once you have your head under the waves that you get to experience the epic underwater vistas of Subnautica.  The game pushes you to explore the underwater world and the story seemlessly through radio transmissions and other discoveries (leaving things vague to avoid spoilers).  This progression exposes the clever resource, crafting and levelling mechanics that grows with you as you progress through both the story or just exploring the world.

Overall would recommend as a great single player diversion and look forward to any future DLC’s.  Rumor has it there is a new arctic biome with a female protagonist.

Anyways check it out on Steam here and  game play trailer below.

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