Quick Tip: Install useful windows apps quick

Check out Ninite for a quick and easy way to bulk install a lot of useful apps for Windows.  Ninite is very useful when you re-install windows and need to get your fave apps back or just want a quick hassle free way to update or add apps to an existing install.

On the Ninite website just tick the apps you want to install then click the big Get Your Ninite button.  This downloads a small installer that fetches all your selected apps and then installs them.  The beauty of Ninite is that it installs apps without all the extra popups and bloatware.

Short summary from the Ninite website:

How Ninite Works

Ninite tries to behave exactly like a technical friend you’ve asked to install a few apps for you. This means that Ninite installers, regardless of when or where they were created:

  • Say “No” to toolbars or other junk
  • Always install the latest version of an app
  • Install the right 32-bit or 64-bit version for a PC
  • Install apps in the PC’s language
  • Skip apps that are already up-to-date
  • Upgrade an app if it’s out of date
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