Day0 Servers welcome all gamers from guests to members.   Anyone who plays on Day0 servers or uses Day0 website or Day0 voice comms needs to follow the rules below.

You automatically agree to these rules if you join any of the Day0 servers (including Teamspeak and forums), no exceptions, exemptions, special treatments or large bribes exclude you (email size of bribe just to be sure).


  • Everyone must follow directions by Server admins.
  • Players must act in a respectful manner towards all other players.  Unless you know them like really well, then harass the shit out of them, in private, not in general chat, channel or any other place that will disrupt other players.
  • Hackers, cheaters, exploiters and scripters can go elsewhere as Day0 is a community that doesn’t include sad, pathetic losers.  Seriously I pity your sad existence and urge you to seek professional help with the major deficiency that is you.
  • Just to run this point home, NO HACKS, CHEATS, EXPLOITS by anyone at anytime on Day0 servers.  BTW we will publically humiliate you.  Oh and by breaking this rule you agree to any and all personal information to be used to shame your sad arse behaviour.
  • No deliberate team killing.  Do not retaliate against a team killer but being as bad as them.  Let an admin know otherwise we will kick/ban both of you.
  • No representing yourself as an admin on any of our servers.  eg naming yourself administrator.
  • No recruiting for external clans or inter day0 clans.
  • No Financial transactions of in game assets or items on any day0 game server.
  • All aliases/avatars/forum posts must be kept respectful, no porn, hate, racist or discriminatory material.

TeamSpeak/Discord/Forums/In game communications Rules

  • We are not angels and do tolerate some swearing but no excessive swearing.
  • No abuse, threats, harassment of other players is tolerated.
  • No spamming of music or other crap that isn’t part of normal commications.  Only exception,  in the bullshit corner and if everyone in your channel/game agrees to listen to the latest crap you call music 😛  Seriously dubstep, wtf.
  • No spamming text.
  • No Recording unless organised with the admins.
  • No advertising, exceptions can be made but contact an admin first.
  • Random dribbling of shit in specific game channels is not tolerated, go to bullshit corner.  Keep comms on game and to the point.
  • Also think before you let forth a veritable torrent of verbal diarrhoea.  Oh and don’t comment on everything you are doing in game, this is annoying as hell, not needed and makes you look like a douche.

Ban process and appeal process

Rule breakers admin process:

  • Admin warns you, you keep breaking rule then you get kicked.
  • Break rules after being kicked automatic 1 week ban from server you were kicked from.
  • Break rules after 1 week ban, win an automatic permanent ban on ALL Day0 Servers.

Note:  Hackers will be insta- banned with no warning.

  • Also suss behaviour will be insta-banned and sorted out in the appeal process below.
  • You can appeal your ban by jumping on Teamspeak and contacting an admin or post it in the Bans section of the forums.  We will then get the ball rolling on your appeal.  As this process can take some time as we need to verify logs, statements etc.  If you lie about your ban you get an instant permanent ban for wasting our time.

Admin Code of Conduct

  • Day0 Admins are here to help.   Policing is a secondary role.
  • All admins must act in a mature manner towards all players.
  • Admins must only kick/ban based on the Day0 rules.
  • Admins must record any date/time, servers, player names and reasons for kick bans.
  • If an Admin cannot handle a conflict in a calm, rational manner they must hand the problem to another admin.
  • If an Admin has a personal issue with a player then they must hand the problem to another admin.
  • Admins must resolve conflicts in the helpdesk teamspeak channel  and not in a public/game channel.

Day0 Management reserves the right to ban and remove access to any service or server of any user that breaks the rules or fails to follow managements instructions.