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Life happens….  That has been my mantra for the last few months and has been the very thing that has kept me away from this awesome Day0 community.  But first a wrap of how we got here before I go into the details of where we are today.

tl;dr – day0.com.au has become day0.win.  Community focus is back with new servers, comps etc on the way

Day0 has been a labour of love for me since the start and the initial plans were to keep gaming with a great mob of people and build not only a great aussie/nz community but to bring a shop online.  The shop’s plan is to offer PC’s, peripherals, and general geek/gaming culture to the wider Aussie/NZ PC gaming community.  The shop is still a thing but read on to see where this is going and why it is not here yet.

One reason is life happen’s, the community side took a detour from our ArmA tactical roots via the phenomenon that was Altis Life RPG by our old cranky yank friend tonic.  These were booms times, we had 2 dedicated servers, packed teamspeak, ArmA devs teams making magic and all sorts of debates raging in the forums.   This was great for the players but not so much for the devs and admins.  We burnt out some good people but on this journey and we diverged from what made the initial Day0 community a fun community to play in.  RPG servers were not sustainable with the resources we had but we tried.  Oh we tried, we had a couple of reboots and kudos to the people who tried and put in a lot of work.  Alas it was not to be and other Aussie communities filled the void of the ArmA RPG demand and Day0 moved on.

The next era was trying to get people into servers, so we had people in teamspeak, and we had a donation model that could support dedicated servers for all our gaming needs.  This started out good with KoTH servers and a variety of ArmA 3 servers.  The goal was noble but the result was we had heaps of servers, some successful some empty but we had spread ourselves too thin on the ground.  To run a successful gaming server you need people setting up and maintaining server, Admins and mods enabling a smooth gaming experience for players, web teams/communication people providing and more.  The problem is you can throw all the infrastructure at a gaming server but if you missing one important ingredient it flops.  That ingredient is players who find our servers a place they want to play and return to.

Then finally came the dark ages of Day0.  This is where once again life happens, we had some good people leave for bad reasons and some bad people leave for good reasons and a mix of both.  As a community we fragmented across all the genre’s of gaming(which is a great thing as a gamer) but we were coalescing less and less as a community.  To add to these woes I had some life happens moments with family and illness which took me away from Day0.  Saying that there were some shining lights in these dark ages with RO2 servers booming, admins stepping up to run things, the west side and Inco.

This brings us to where we are today.  We still have a great Teamspeak community but we don’t have our dedicated server any more.  The Day0 community donation model died and as such we had to lose the luxuries of things like the dedicated server.  Saying that all those people who have donated time or money over the years I cannot express how thankful I am and I am sure the rest of the community are for your contribution.

Now my new plan: total focus on community needs, transparency in the day to day operations and getting back to getting our game on and having fun.  I will still be working on the shop and still intend to feedback a percentage of profits back into the community but these are 2 separate entities.  As such to avoid the problems above during the dark ages when i was unavailable the community is moving to a sports clubs model(bikie gang model for inco).  This means we open the books, have a volunteer club admin system and run the community on the interests of everyone with one goal, to have fun gaming.

So here we are, who is keen to JUST DO IT? Please comment below any constructive feedback/ideas…

PS The website is not finished by a long shot and has some bugs still.  Please use the forums for bugs reports/site ideas.


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